Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A fresh start

Welcome to my new blog.  I am looking forward to a fresh start.  My name is Ashley, and I am challenged in the area of homemaking.  I work full time 40-50 hours outside the home, but would love to be able to call my house a true home.  Sure I can follow a recipe but it NEVER turns out as good as my mom or whoever shared the recipe with me does it.  I can sort of sew, but again, something little always happens and it never seems just right.  I have absolutely NO sense of decorating skills and I am horrible at keeping a home tidy.  Please never show up unannounced or I will forever be embarrassed at the state of my home.

This blog is to document my journey from homemaking challenged to homemaking genius.  Ok, that may be a stretch so I will settle for decent homemaker.  I am getting a fresh start at homemaking as we are moving this Friday.  I am hoping to make this new apartment a true home for us as my hubby and I would like to spend AT LEAST the next two years there, and NOT have to move again.

I have a few goals for me as a homemaker:

1) JUST DO IT!  - Things will not be perfect, but something is better than nothing.
I am a perfectionist.  I want things to be just so, and I consistently fall into the trap of "If I can't do it perfect (or up to my "standards") then why bother.

2) I will be kind to myself.
Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.  I think so negatively that I can't even motivate myself to do something.  I would like to stop doing this.

3) I will not overload/overwhelm myself all at once.
It is going to take time, and I need to allow myself to time to grow and develop into a better homemaker. It isn't going to happen overnight and I will most likely fall a few times.  I need to allow myself to be OK with that, and work slowly towards the end goal.  I am always the hare not the tortoise.  I need to remember that SLOW and STEADY wins the race.

The hopeful end result is me staying sane, while creating a wonderful home environment for my amazing family, and being able to bless them through my homemaking.


  1. Ashley...I can relate to this sooo much! I have that urge to do it perfectly or not at all..and really, who on earth can do that? We really do need to be kinder to ourselves, I'll make that my goal too.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and following! I am happy to say, I am your newest follower...we can encourage each other!

  2. You are human!!! Nice! I have a rule in my home if my mess bothers you then you can clean it up. I know I should tackle that clutter on the counter and finish the trim work and finally choose a paint color for the living room but i work and I have kids and grandkids and other things I want to do and and other things I have to do. So come on over and chat or work along side of me. Just accept me for who I am and I'll accept you and I'll accept myself. It'll all be fine.

  3. I know it's been... oh, a year and some months... but I just found your blog while perusing recipes on pinterest, and the title of your blog immediately spoke to me. I am extremely challenged in this area, and I'm going to go through your blog and follow your progress and use your tips. I love your first one--just do it!

    1. So happy that you found my blog. It is for sure a process, I hope that you enjoy the tips, feel free to email me with any questions, and I would be happy to help.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award.  

    I really enjoy your blog and hope to get to know you better. There are two posts about this award.
    The first is my participation in the award where I discuss 11 things about myself and answer the questions.  You can find that post

    The second post is the rules and the blogs that I have recommended.  The purpose of this award is to get newer blogs out there and recognized and hopefully you will get more followers. You can find that here

    Sorry i hope you don't mind me sharing the link, I just wasn't sure how else to contact you.